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Dominic Tay is one of Singapore’s leading experts in Authority Branding, Packaging and Positioning and teaches entrepreneurs and small business owners how to create passive income online.  After building his own 7-figure business, he took what he learned and developed a simple to follow system that thousands of people, around the world, have used to build their own online businesses.

Dominic conducts his FREE Best Seller Income EVENT all over the world where he shows people just like you his step-by-step process to making money online.  Because he’s seen good people fall for scam after scam, he was determined to offer solid value and education to greatly shorten the learning curve with a simple system that even computer challenged people can use successfully.

What Dominic prides himself on is his transparency in showing people how to do make passive income from Amazon eBooks without charging them in his FREE events.  He makes it very clear that if they want assistance or further education, he will help for a reasonable cost, but it’s not necessary and he doesn’t do high pressure sales.  Because of the great value Dominic offers, many thousands of people have chosen to take his paid courses and have utilized his private consultation.  And, the results have been amazing.  On this page, you will have the opportunity to see and watch numerous Dominic Tay reviews by real people who have real results.

All he asks is you commit to yourself and your future by putting in the effort to be successful and follow the simple steps he shows you.  Not only has Dominic repeated this process numerous times but thousands of his students have as well. It’s both simple and effective. And, I know you can do it too.  That’s why we’ve created this Dominic Tay Events page, so we can let you know when and where his next FREE EVENT is going to take place so you can put it on your calendar.

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What Are The Benefits Of Implementing My System?

NO Large Buy-In

Get started without a huge upfront capital outlay like buying a franchise or starting a retail business.

Make Money While You Sleep

Once you’re up and running, you aren’t trading time for money.  Sales can happen any time of the day.

No Inventory To Deal With

There’s never an Inventory to purchase or keep track of… it’s all online.

No Website Required

In fact, very little internet or computer expertise is needed.  You can learn the simple step-by-step system and outsource as needed.

Amazon Does The Marketing For You!

You don’t have to learn marketing or sales.  Amazon has that covered.

You Don’t Even Have To Be A Writer

With my system, I’ll show you how to affordably outsource much of the writing.

Watch What My Clients Say

Dominic Tay Endorsements


Joe Bricky

IT and Marketing Consultant

As someone who does branding for other people, like Dominic Tay does, I have offering assistance publishing books on Amazon.  What I learned from Dominic Tay has really helped me and my clients get to #1 and to Best Seller status which is a huge bump in their branding.  Dominic’s system has taught me so much and I use many of his principles in what I do for my clients and now, what I teach my clients.

I’m really grateful to Dominic for taking the time and the effort to train me, but what I really appreciate is his follow-up and the extra amount of time he spent with me above and beyond what he was obligated to do.  So, I can’t thank Dominic Tay enough and I’m so glad he was there.  He’s made a huge difference in what I offer and has increased my profits by thousands of dollars.

I hope this review of Dominic Tay helps others to take action and learn how to make Passive Income With Dominic Tay and his events.  And, remember, Dominic does FREE events he calls best seller income where you can learn all the steps without spending a dime.  Of course, you will have the opportunity to go through his paid program where he goes really deep and helps you to not make the mistakes so many people make saving you thousands of dollars and potentially years of lost time.

If you get the chance to to attend one of his best seller income events, I would highly recommend you take notes.  His system is step-by-step and it’s really simple.  Good luck and remember, every day you don’t take action is a day you’re still stuck in the same place.  Start your future now and attend one of Dominic Tay’s events.  You won’t regret it.


Tony Richie

Youtube Master Marketer

My name is Tony Richie and I specialize in Youtube marketing.  I was lucky enough to experience what Dominic Tay has to offer and it has made a huge difference in how I brand myself, position my services, and package my products.  His insights in branding and teaching me how to author books on Amazon has not only created passive income, but has seriously helped me blow up my brand bigger than it ever was before.

What I learned from Dominic Tay about branding will forever change the way I approach marketing.  Because of my experience making videos go VIRAL on Youtube, I’ve been able to take what Dominic has shown me and massively explode my online sales.  But, that’s just my skill set.  Whatever you are good at.  Whether it’s real estate, healthcare, chiropractic, sports, wood carving or whatever, it doesn’t matter.  If you have a skill, you need to get it published and reach your audience.

By using Dominic’s unique skill set and his step-by-step simple to follow process, you will be able to turn that skill into passive income by just publishing a book on Amazon.  With Dominic Tay’s formula and strategies, your knowledge of (whatever your passion is) can become income that happens while you sleep.

Even if you only have a few hours a week to devote to it like I did, that’s all you need.  I’m very busy with my clients and cranking out Youtube videos… which takes a specific skill set.  But, with Dominic Tay’s system… I was able to go outside my comfort zone and create amazing content on Amazon.com.  And, you can too.

All you have to do is take action… just like I did and follow Dominic’s step-by-step system.  And, trust me when I tell you… you don’t have to be a computer genius.  It really is that simple.  If I can do it… so can you.


Colin Campbell

Online Marketer, Professional Book Writer Producer

What I love about Dominic Tay is his transparency and what he teaches is so simple and easy to follow that you don’t have to be a computer expert to be successful online.  I’m a book producer.  I write and help people get their books online.  Many times I write them and other times I just edit.  It’s a lot of work.

When I met Dominic, I was really interested in what he did.  I finally had the opportunity to learn from him, and I was blown away.  If I would have learned what he knows years ago, it would have saved me thousands of dollars and years of my time doing it the hard way.

Because of what I’ve learned, I’ve been able to streamline my operation and increase my income by thousands of dollars while saving money and time.  It’s revolutional and yet so simple.  A child could do it.

So, if you’re someone who is stuck in a job, on a fixed income, or is just ready to stop trading time for money, Dominic Tay’s program is for you.  If you don’t have the money to invest in a franchise, his program is for you.  If you don’t want to be bothered with inventory, marketing, sales and all the skill sets required to open a new business.  Dominic’s program is for you.  And also… if you don’t want to have to learn SEO and spend thousands on a complex website… you should go to one of Dominic’s events or download his report on how to make money passively online.

I’ve always been a skeptic… and I hate the online scam artists out there.  I’ve ran into so many of them promising easy wins.  What’s different and cool about Dominic is he just asks you to follow his simple step-by-step system and devote enough hours a week to get your books online.  He takes the mystery out of it and the guess work out of it saving you countless hours and thousands of dollars.  It’s a no brainer.

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